Eventide Cellar Wines are named after the farm, adjacent to Micha, bought by Andrew's grandfather, "Eventide". After their marriage John and Elizabeth decided to relocate and begin their family on the new farm, thus leaving Mischa to be utilised entirely for the processing of vines. With the success of the Mischa wine label, Andrew decided to begin an alternative brand , which he named after the farm where he grew up, Eventide.

The Eventide Wines:

The creation of the Eventide label was done predominantly to provide buyers with an alternative style of wine. Under this label we aim to produce an upfront, fruit-driven wine, which presents a velvety complexity and tannin, yet has great length. Eventide wines can be enjoyed over some five years. The Eventide Reds are aged in a combination of selected tight-grain French and American barrels for a period of twelve months, and then lightly filtered before bottling. As with the Mischa brand, these wines are not fined.

The latest addition to our range is the Eventide Viognier which is barrel fermented in a combination of French, American and Hungarian barrels for a period of three months, to develop its characteristic flavours of white peach and flint.

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